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As a participant in the competitive electricity market, we try to meet its demands every day. We understand that the way to the company's development is mainly through the satisfaction of our customers. We therefore set high standards for ourselves, ensuring that we take care to improve the quality of the services we provide you. We want our energy, which we supply to you, to be “Good Energy”. A tangible proof of these actions is given by the honourable mentions and certificates we have received. They concern practically every aspect of the company's functioning, such as management, new technology implementation, environmental protection and workplace safety.

Responsible Employer Award – HR Leader 2012

Our company has, for the second time, been awarded the title of Responsible Employer – HR Leader (Odpowiedzialny Pracodawca - Lider HR 2012). This proud title is the result of the company's personnel policy: care for employee development, a complex and personalised training programme, scholarships and financing language courses.

”Commitment and specialised workforce are our company's greatest capital,”said Tadeusz Skobel, President of the Management Board. ”In our company, we place great importance on maintaining a friendly and creative working atmosphere. We continually motivate our employees to share their innovative projects, and their most original ideas for improving business. It is thanks to the innovative solutions proposed by our team that we are building up our competitive advantage,” added Tadeusz Skobel.

The title of Responsible Employer – HR Leader, awarded by the editorial team of the economic publication Strefa Gospodarki as part of a nationwide programme to promote positive role models and actions in the field of personnel policy, confirms the very high quality of the company's human resources management.

User-friendly Website

The website was awarded the “User-friendly Website” title. The User-friendly Website certification programme is a sector-specific initiative for companies, enterprises and public bodies willing to improve and confirm user-friendliness of their websites. The User-friendly Website Certificate is accredited by the Polish section of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB Polska). The honorary patronage of the programme was taken by the Ministry of Economy*.
* Source:

Responsible Employer Award – HR Leader 2011

PKP Energetyka S.A., On 14 March 2012, joined the group of competition winners under “Responsible Employer Award – HR Leader 2011”. Assessment criteria under the programme include, in particular: observing labour laws, OH&S regulations, continuous improvement of qualifications, dynamic development of personnel, reputation, incentive system and actions taken for local communities. The “Responsible Employer – HR Leader” title is also a confirmation of  reliability, credibility and high market standing of the company. “Responsible Employer Award – HR Leader 2011” is a Polish nationwide programme in the field of human resources. It is aimed at spreading and promoting proper role models and strategies in the field of personnel policy and the strategy relating to integration of personnel issues with business goals. The programme is intended for companies running their businesses in Poland, those taking special care about labour conditions and personnel development.

New Impulse

On 19 October 2011, PKP Energetyka S.A. was awarded for effectiveness of market activities determining the trend associated with active customer acquisition. The New Impulse award was presented to the company during a formal gala.The company was appreciated for current achievements, expansion of the offer and active activity on the competitive retail market. Further plans of the company were also recognised. The editorial board of the “Nowy Przemysł” monthly, which nominates and selects winners, summarised the selection as follows: “The effectiveness of PKP Energetyka’s operations sets a trend in active consumer care and acts as an incentive for competitors.”

The New Impulse honourable mentions have been awarded since 2004 by the editorial office of “Nowy Przemysł” monthly. The group is joined by people, enterprises and institutions acting for the benefit of development in the Polish energy and fuel sector. Through nominations, the editorial team highlights positive trends that will determine the Polish energy industry in the upcoming years, and promotes individuals and companies, which are first to respond to market demands and meet the expected changes.

Media Creator

PKP Energetyka S.A., PKP S.A., PKP Intercity and PKP PLK received the prestigious Media Creator award in the category of innovative promotional activities for the project “Railway TV”. This is the first programme presenting railway news. Weekly episodes inform about news in railway in Poland and in the world. The main objective of the project is to promote rail transport in its entirety and inform the public about positive changes taking place in the railway industry. PKP Energetyka S.A. collected the award on 12 October 2011.

14th edition of the Power World Leaders

PKP Energetyka received an honourable mention in the category of Industrial and Distribution Company 2011 during the 14th edition of the Power World Leaders on 20 September 2011. The prestigious award was handed over by Minister Janusz Steinhoff to Janusz Goławski, Vice President of the Electricity Distribution Division of PKP Energetyka S.A.

Customer-Friendly Company

PKP Energetyka was awarded with the title of “Customer-Friendly Company”. In the course of the certification process, the company was subjected to independent audits verifying the quality of customer service. Audits included a customer satisfaction survey, with such criteria as reliability, accessibility, trust, tailoring to needs and attractiveness of the offer. In addition, there was also an audit of the company’s solutions applied in the scope of customer relationship management. Moreover, user-friendliness of the website was checked as well. The certificate was granted on 6 May 2011. “Customer-Friendly Company” is the only R&D programme in Poland analysing areas where relationships with customers are based on exchange of values. The programme has been present on the Polish market since 9 years.

Honourable mention for Zakład Północny

In 2010, the city council of Sopot awarded an honourable mention to PKP Energetyka – Zakład Północny for the modernised establishment head office, which complied with European standards for labour conditions and the new structure falling within the architecture of Sopot.

Pearls of the Polish Economy

A high quality of the sold power and power services offered by PKP Energetyka S.A. was recognised by the competition jury of the Pearls of the Polish Economy 2010. The company  was awarded with a certificate in the category “Grand Pearls”; the award was presented on 19 November 2010.

Acanthus Aureus Medal

During the EXPOPOWER 2010 fair event held in Poznan, PKP Energetyka S.A. presented itself at a special stand. It was that stand that resulted in the ACANTHUS AUREUS medal awarded to PKP Energetyka on 18 May 2010; the stand was most favourable for implementation of the marketing strategy. This is the second distinction awarded to the stand created by PKP Energetyka S.A. The first one was awarded at the 8th International ENEX Energy Fair in Kielce for outstanding style of the presentation.

PKP Energetyka also received the Poznan International Fair statuette.

Laurel of Responsibility

On Wednesday, 21 April 2010, the campaign of corporate social responsibility (CSR) – “Energia dla życia” – PKP Energetyka S.A. and the Polish Red Cross were awarded the Laurel of Responsibility granted by the Polish Confederation of Private Employers Lewiatan, the Committee of the Independent and Self-Governing Trade Union Solidarność as well as Deloitte, a consulting firm. The jury awarded 21.5 out of 23 available credits, whereas the average for the 94 enrolled companies was 17.6.

Gold Quality of the Year and Quality of the Year2010

PKP Energetyka S.A. collected the highest honourable mention awarded by Polskie Centrum Badań i Certyfikacji S.A., a research and certification company the editorial team of “Biznes Raportu” (column in the legal publication Gazeta Prawna) during a formal final gala, which took place in Chorzów.

PKP Energetyka S.A. was awarded for high standards of the company’s operations given by effectiveness in the implementation of the assumed quality policy, positive perception of the company’s operations by customers, employees and the social environment. The jury highly regarded aspects of the company’s quality management, reflected by the clarity of the procedures applied, high involvement of the staff in achievement of quality goals, attention to ensuring the highest quality of offered products and services, as well as the effectiveness of organisation management, and continuous aspiration for labour optimisation. PKP Energetyka S.A. accepted the award on 10 March 2011.


On 20 February 2009, PKP Energetyka S.A. received another important award – the 2008 Reliable Company title – in the competition held under the auspices of the Delegation of the European Commission. “The Reliable Company programme supports and promotes honest companies, at the same time verifying them and creating a database of trustworthy enterprises,” stated the competition organisers. Within six years of the programme, over 1,500 certificates have been handed out. After a thorough verification process, the certificates were given to both small regional companies and enterprises being leaders in their sectors. The “Reliable Company” title guarantees that the company operations are conducted in compliance with the highest standards of business ethics. The “2008 Reliable Company” title confirms the current activity of PKP Energetyka propagating adherence to the rules of ethics, reliability, honesty and promptness in contacts between economic partners.


PKP Energetyka is the best company in Poland with respect to the sale and distribution of power and power-related services. The company received the 2009 Market Leader award during the 10th anniversary Market Leader Promotional Competition.
The 2009 Market Leader awards were officially handed to the winners during the final anniversary gala on Saturday, 23 May 2009, at the Sheraton Hotel. PKP Energetyka was one of those recognised by the Jury as the Market Leader for the best energy-related services in Poland, and as the Market Leader for being the best Polish enterprise selling and distributing power and offering power-related services. PKP Energetyka received the 2009 Market Leader award: a prestigious honourable mention and proof of the trust customers have in the company. “We find it an invaluable award which attests to the high quality of our work,” said Konrad Tuliński, Member of the Management Board and Technical Director of PKP Energetyka, upon receiving the award. “Be assured that we do our best to make sure it is our customers who benefit the most from our good energy.” The aim of the Market Leader Promotional Competition held by the Polish Leaders’ Forum, European Promotional Competition EURO LEADER and Interres International Fair, is to honour and promote companies, products and services with a well-established and leading market position, as well as innovative technical, technological and organisational solutions.


PKP Energetyka received a certificate in a ranking of Polish enterprises and was awarded the title of the Pearl of the Polish Economy, the Large Pearls category, for its consistent corporate policy and strategy and the status of leader on the market of the most dynamic and effective companies in Poland. An honourable mention was granted by the Polish Market monthly and the Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Euromarka (Eurobrand)

PKP Energetyka S.A. has received many awards and honourable mentioned as a recognition of the quality of its services, and now it has received yet another one – the title of EUROMARKA, awarded in the competition under the auspices of Minister of Economy and Deputy Prime Minister Waldemar Pawlak, and the Ministry of Regional Development. This title is awarded to Polish entities that deserve the name of “leaders of the Polish economy”, whose quality of services and products is widely appreciated beyond the Polish borders. The companies selected in the “Service” category (in which PKP Energetyka was awarded) must offer an interesting range of services and strive to provide complex, top-quality service to the customers in all areas. PKP Energetyka was appreciated in terms of its operations on the European market. In the previous years, PKP Energetyka won many prestigious awards and titles, confirming the professionalism of the company’s activity and the top quality of provided services. The awards include: Europrodukt [Europroduct] award in the Eurousługa [Euroservice] category (for supplying electric power and providing electric power services, 2005); Lider Świata Energii [Leader of the Energy World] in “Odbiorca Roku [Customer of the Year] 2005” category, for effective use of the TPA principle. The President of the Management Board of PKP Energetyka, Tadeusz Skobel, was awarded the “Manager of the Year” prize during the “Man of the Year – Friend of the Railroad” Gala in 2007.


PKP Energetyka S.A. has gained the prestigious 2008 QUALITY OF THE YEAR title, awarded by the editorial office of Biznes Raport in “Gazeta Prawna” and the Polish Centre for Accreditation, a research and certification company. The company has become a prize-winner of this competition for the second time, and the Jury distinguished it with the title of Silver Quality for the Year. The Jury has appreciated the implementation of the Integrated System of Quality, Environment, Occupational Safety and Hygiene Management in the company, as well as the constant improvement and verification of this system. This important title confirms the high quality of the company’s services in the previous year. 2008 QUALITY OF THE YEAR is yet another of the many awards and honourable mentions that PKP Energetyka has received in recognition of the highest standards of provided services. In 2008, the company was awarded for instance the title of Rail Transportation Leader by the editorial office of “Transport and Komunikacja“ (Transport and Communication) magazine and the Euromarka [Eurobrand] in the “Service” category, awarded under the auspices of Minister of Economy and Deputy Prime Minister Waldemar Pawlak and the Ministry of Regional Development.


PKP Energetyka has received a Certificate of Recommendation from the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers for the next three years. This is presented to companies that the Association considers best prepared in terms of technical and organisational resources to operate in the power sector. The certificate of recommendation for our company concerns the maintenance, repair, modernisation and construction of the traction network and equipment operated at low, medium and high voltage, as well as other services in the power sector. The certificate is valid until 2014.


On November 12th, the editors of Transport i Komunikacja awarded PKP Energetyka the title of “Rail Transport Leader” in the “Infrastructure” category. This was the third time that the competition, under the patronage of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Railway Transport Office and Scientific Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences, was held. The companies, which took part in the competition, included those from the railway industry and local authorities whose actions, services or products earned a special honourable mention by contributing to the development, improvement of safety, efficiency or promotion of rail transport. The awarded undertaking of “PKP Energetyka” was the stage in the modernisation of the 4 E 65 (Central Trunk Line) traction network at the Góra Włodowska – Zawiercie section, completed in 2007. The latest technology in the field of traction network modernisation was used for that purpose. The work was carried out using a railway traction system exchange (PWST) train. The job involved designing and constructing a traction network, which would enable trains to travel at 300 km/h. To achieve this, support structures were laid in a gauge of over 3.0 m, Slovak-made composite insulators and Polish-made porcelain bushings were used, enabling the power system to be changed to 25 kV AC. In addition, system interfaces were also planned and built to allow the network to operate with different power systems. This gave rise to Poland's first section of railway track with a traction network adapted to a speed of 300 km/h, as well as to 25 kV power. It is currently possible to test this network's mechanical properties, while the voltage can be switched to 25 kV once the relevant power line is completed. This task is part of a project to construct high-speed rail lines in Poland. The E – 65 (CMK) line is the most modern railway line built in our country; it is 224 km long. It is suited to speeds of 160 km/h and up to 200 km/h in some sections. The jury that decided to award “PKP Energetyka” the Rail Transport Leader prize included well known, authoritative and trusted scientists and rail industry experts, as well as representatives of the media and business organisations from the branch.


“PKP Energetyka” was the winner of the first Programme to Promote Quality in Polish Businesses – the “2006 Quality of the Year” title. The competition is organised jointly by the business editors of the legal publication Gazeta Prawna and the research and certification centre Centrum Polskich Badań i Certyfikacji S.A.


Another edition of the International Quality Awards was held in Geneva on March 27th, to the great interest of all those involved. Over 60 industrial, commercial and service companies from all over the world gathered to take part in the 28th edition of the most prestigious international awards, created to encourage development of modern technology and innovation in all major markets. The award, given by the Trade Leader’s Club, is intended to distinguish companies from each branch of industry, whose products and services have deserved an excellent appraisal over the year. Winning people's trust, introducing new technology and being seen by the market as a guarantor are synonymous with effort, work and trust. These are the values that the Editorial Office and Trade Leader’s Club hope to reward and stimulate. The award ceremonies offer a unique opportunity to present products in the international environment in the presence of business people from all around the world.


In June 2006, our company was among those honoured by the Polish Association for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship with the New Impulse award for "courage, ingenuity and consistency in breaching barriers towards full application of the TPA principle". The award is recognition for our involvement in the promotion of a free, competitive energy market in Poland. We took some of these actions in collaboration with the media campaign organised by the editors of the monthly “Nowy Przemysł” under the slogan "Customer on the Energy Market". By participating in the campaign alongside economists, specialists from the energy sector and customers using the TPA principle during the debates, conferences and publishing actions, we tried to raise and solve the major issues connected with the energy market forming in Poland.

"2005 CUSTOMER OF THE YEAR" title for PKP Energetyka

At the Grand Gala of the World Energy Leaders on 28.06.2005 in Warsaw, PKP Energetyka received
the “2005 Customer of the Year” title. The Jury of the competition appreciated our actions in the field of implementing the TPA principle and our effective use of market mechanisms in order to lower the costs of purchasing electric power. The winners were awarded commemorative statuettes by the competition organisers – representatives of the “Świat Energii” monthly (Energy World).

EUROUSŁUGA (Euroservice) certificate

In January 2005, the awards in the 7th Europroduct competition were awarded, organised by the Polish Trade Association under the patronage of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Economy and Labour and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. “PKP Energetyka” was honoured with a Euroservice certificate. This confirms the high quality of our offer as a supplier of electricity and electric power services. The wide range of the company's activities was praised, as was the aim to ensure the best possible customer service. This prestigious honourable mention put us among those companies that meet the high requirements of the common European market and can therefore successfully compete in it.


On 17 November 2004, the “Pantheon of Polish Ecology” awards were presented under the auspices of the Minister of the Environment and the chairman of the research and certification company Polskie Centrum Badań i Certyfikacji S.A. The awards go to the companies, which, through the implementation of ISO 14001, the environmental management standard, have proven their concern for environmental aspects of their business. Our company has held this certificate since July 2004.


In November 2004, PKP Energetyka's Mazowieckie Branch received the "Employer – Safe Work Provider" award. These were awarded for the eleventh time by the Chief Labour Inspector. This award confirms that our company takes care to ensure good, safe working conditions for all job positions. Systematic supervision of Health and Safety rules is of major concern to us. This particularly relates to teams working on upgrades or the installation of electric power equipment and the traction network. The effects of our concern with improving safety and working conditions can be measured by the systematic decrease in the number of accidents at work.


PKP Energetyka has been awarded an honourable mention by the Jury and organiser of the competition for the second time; the honorary patronage was taken by the Governor of Mazowieckie Province. The company was awarded the honourable mention in the category of Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.


PKP Energetyka is the Mazowieckie Region's 2003 Company of the Year! During this year’s awards, given for the second time, the jury selected winners in 17 categories, depending on the business conducted. “PKP Energetyka” was among those distinguished in the “Power and Electrical Engineering” category. The award is further confirmation of our good position in the power market. It stems from a combination of many years of experience, innovation and flexibility. As well as the title of the “2003 Mazowieckie Company of the Year“, the winners were also presented with Mazowieckie Eagle of Business statuettes.

PKP Energetyka S.A. = Golden Quality of the Year

On Thursday, March 10th, PKP Energetyka S.A. collected the highest honourable mention – Golden Quality of the Year and the 2010 Quality of the Year– awarded by Polskie Centrum Badań i Certyfikacji S.A., a research and certification company and the editorial team of “Biznes Raportu” (column in the legal publication Gazeta Prawna) during a formal final gala, which took place in Chorzów. PKP Energetyka S.A. was awarded for high standards of the company’s operations given by effectiveness in the implementation of the assumed quality policy, positive perception of the company’s operations by customers, employees and the social environment. The jury highly regarded aspects of the company’s quality management reflected by clarity of the procedures applied, high involvement of the staff in achievement of quality goals, attention to ensuring the highest quality of offered products and services, as well as the effectiveness of organisation management, and continuous aspiration for labour optimisation. This year’s final gala is a conclusion and summary of the fifth jubilee edition of the Quality of the Year competition.