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Employees of PKP Energetyka #AlwaysOnDuty

The railway industry has been operating continuously throughout the coronavirus pandemic. We owe this to our employees, who are committed to ensuring railway traffic in this difficult period. The employees of PKP Energetyka supervise the electricity flow, the condition of the distribution and traction network, and the supply of fuel to the sector. It is thanks to their work that the electricity for the railway industry, business and individual customers flows continuously, railway traffic is maintained, goods reach their customers and passengers arrive at their destinations. Examples of the commitment and sense of mission of our employees are demonstrated by our #AlwaysOnDuty campaign. As part of this campaign, photos and videos have been uploaded online, so that everyone can watch and hear the employees talking about their work during the coronavirus emergency. Other entities have also joined the action. They show the reality of work and the solidarity of the industry.

“It is worth showing what the work of railwaymen involves in these strange times. Often it is a huge effort and sacrifice, which is not always noticeable. That's why I'm convinced that more videos should be made as part of the #AlwaysOnDuty campaign.” Dr Inż. Ignacy Góra, President of UTK.

“Our organizations must operate in a completely new reality. This is all the more challenging because it concerns the physical reality; it is not a job you can do remotely. Trains (including international ones) must keep running. The wagons need to be loaded and unloaded. Our customers must have confidence that the logistics chains will not be broken. Our work is the result of the efforts of many people, companies and services, including your company. Without your work, ours couldn't be done. On behalf of EP CARGO, I would like to thank you for your commitment to ensuring that our work can be carried out smoothly. I wish safe work to all PKP Energetyka employees.” Jacek Neska, CEO of EP Cargo Poland.

“We are on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Whenever a failure occurs, employees are mobilized on an emergency basis – like an ambulance. That is why we employ so many specialists. In order for the railways in Poland to operate, our field workers can neither work remotely nor interrupt their tasks. I'm watching further videos sent as part of #AlwaysOnDuty and I'm glad to see that we can thank those on the front line in this way.” Wojciech Orzech, President of PKP Energetyka.

Power engineering and railways are key areas for the economy and people of our country. That is why the employees of PKP Energetyka, especially those working directly in the field, such as control engineers, wiremen, drivers, vehicle operators, foremen, technicians, mechanical engineers, fitters, dispatchers, specialists, inspectors and warehouse keepers, work continuously. They are on the front line and they deserve special thanks for their commitment and sense of mission.

More about the action on the website of theRailway Market

See how our employees work

EZSZ Warsaw East

Not all heroes wear capes. The true challenge is to find ourselves in current conditions, to support the team and adapt to the new situation while maintaining the highest labor standards. Our brigade from Warsaw East precisely knows how to do it!

Greetings from the service area manager, Poznan.

“I would like to thank all fitters, all employees of PKP Energetyka, who contribute to our activities and make us proud to display our logo,” says Przemek, D2 service area manager in Poznań. The day-to-day duties of Przemek involve safe organization of work on power equipment. At the end of April, his team opened a new traction substation in Słupca, which supports the reliability of the energy supply to the railway network.

The May Day Picnic at the Power Supply Dispatch Center in Katowice

“The most important thing is not what happens to us, but how we react to it.” Despite the difficult situation in Poland and the world as a whole, our dispatchers keep their good mood. During this year's May Day Picnic, our Colleagues from Katowice took care of their health while remaining in complete isolation. Even in such difficult circumstances, the Forceful Team knows how to remain cheerful and relax for a moment.

Locomotive refuelling station in Olsztyn

“The current situation in the country is difficult, so we should stand together,” says Mateusz, manager of the PKP Energetyka fuel station in Olsztyn. Regardless of the conditions, the branch ensures continuous fuel distribution and uninterrupted operation. Thanks to the measures taken, even during an epidemic, each carrier can refuel its locomotive at any time, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

PKP Energetyka team from Warsaw West

The wireman’s work carries a heavy responsibility. PKP Energetyka teams operate directly on the catenary, close to railway equipment, operating on active tracks. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They maintain and repair the catenary. They correct faults immediately so that cargo and passenger trains can run smoothly. They often perform work involving the alteration of open lines or they mark out new sections of routes. They work even during bad weather, storms, floods and frosts, and now even during pandemics.

The photo shows Wiesław's team at work on April 17, 2020. The wiremen are making alterations to line number 9, on the route between Warsaw East and Warsaw Prague. This line makes it easier for the inhabitants of the capital city to travel from Prague to Bródno.

Michał, wireman

“I'm a wireman and I've been working for PKP Energetyka since February last year. Currently, together with my team, we are making alterations to the catenary line. Every day, we deal with electrical equipment, like the catenary, and we often respond to emergency failures. You need to stay concentrated and focused during this work. Now, because of the pandemic, we have to be twice as alert – we have to work in masks and gloves, keeping our distance. Like everyone else, we fear for our own health, the health of our colleagues and our loved ones. That's why the work is even more demanding than usual, but we can do it.”

Henryk, conductor

He has been working in the railway business for 40 years. “There are masks, gloves, disinfectants, we've got everything,” says Henryk, briskly. In addition, field teams use a safer operation method based on electronic communication, using the Workforce Management system (PLANER).

Holy Saturday with the team from EZSZ Wrocław Zachodni

“Stay healthy, stay strong, keep emanating good energy,” says Damian, our wireman specialist from Wrocław. On Holy Saturday, together with his colleagues, Damian went to work on the catenary. Despite the pandemic, even during the holidays, our teams work 24/7 and take care of the railway infrastructure. Let us remember all employees – especially doctors and nurses, who, like us, are always on duty.

Easter at the Remote Control Command and Signalling Building in Sopot

Greetings from Adam, Kamil, Rafał and Janusz, dispatchers who monitor the continuity of the power supply at the Northern Facility, in the Remote Control Command and Signalling Centre. Easter was the 19th day since they parted with their families to monitor the electricity flow in the grid from the barracks. “Despite the separation from our loved ones, our FORCEful Team is doing well! We wish you, above all, to stay healthy, be persistent and we will definitely succeed. Happy Easter!” – our brave team sends us their encouragement.

Night duty during Easter at the Warsaw West substation

Dariusz and Sławomir, our wiremen from the Warsaw Electrical Emergency Services, spent Easter Sunday night on a 12-hour duty shift. It is only thanks to uninterrupted operation and maintenance that it is possible to maintain a continuous power supply to the network, energy supply and railway traffic. “We would like to thank the doctors for taking care of our health, and, in return, we provide electricity to hospitals, homes and families,” they say.