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Press releases

PKP Energetyka is developing an innovative energy storage system based on “green” hydrogen
As part of the research and development project, an energy storage system based on hydrogen produced using energy from a solar farm will be built at the Garbce traction power substation. This is another step...
Łódzka Kolej Aglomeracyjna enters 2022 with green energy
Railway powered by renewable energy sources? In the Łódzkie Voivodship, this is no longer a plan, but a reality, as a result of the entry into force of a long-term agreement for the supply of traction energy from renewable sources...
Captrain Polska will be powered by green energy
Polish rail freight carrier Captrain Polska has signed a letter of intent with PKP Energetyka to purchase traction electricity from renewable sources as part of the Green Railway Programme. Its aim is the transition of railway ...
Exceptional award for the PKP Energetyka traction energy storage facility in Garbce
The railroad traction energy storage located in Garbce near Żmigród in the Lower Silesia Voivodeship was awarded in the 5th edition of the Safety Culture Contest organised by the Office of Rail Transportation.
Responsible and innovative activities of PKP Energetyka recognized with the ESG Leaders award
PKP Energetyka has become a double winner of the “ESG Leaders” competition. The experts gave the company the main “Diamond Award” in the Innovation category for the traction energy storage facility and the third “Silver Award”...
Koleje Małopolskie joins the Green Railway Program
Soon, passengers of Koleje Małopolskie will be traveling by trains powered by green energy. During the 11th Railway Congress in Warsaw, the local government carrier signed a letter of intent in this matter with PKP Energetyka...
PKP Energetyka as a partner of the Responsible Business Forum
PKP Energetyka Capital Group became a partner of the Responsible Business Forum. Partnering with the Forum is one of the actions carried out as part of the company’s Sustainable Development Strategy. Cooperation was...
PKP Energetyka will assist Captrain Polska and STK produce green energy
PKP Energetyka signed two letters of intent with rail freight carriers regarding cooperation in the production of non-traction energy from renewable sources. Captrain Polska and STK will invest in photovoltaic installations....
Koleje Mazowieckie and ECCO Rail in the Green Railway Program
On September 22, 2021, during the TRAKO railway fair, Koleje Mazowieckie and ECCO Rail signed letters of intent with PKP Energetyka under which these entities declared they will join the Green Railway Program. Thus the...
Professor Czesław Jaworski Award and Medal of the President of the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers granted to PKP Energetyka
The railway equivalents of the “Golden Lion” film awards were presented at TRAKO 2021—the largest fair event in Central and Eastern Europe dedicated to rail transport. PKP Energetyka won in two prestigious technical competitions.
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