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INFOLINE801 77 29 29

Business profile

  1. The company’s business profile is as follows:
    1. generation and supply of electricity, including:
      1. electricity generation
      2. electricity transmission
      3. electricity distribution
      4. electricity trading
    2. provision of electric power services, including:
      1. repairs and maintenance of electrical equipment 
      2. installation of industrial machines, equipment and accessories 
      3. work associated with construction of telecommunication and electric power lines 
      4. installation of electrical systems 
      5. engineering and related technical consultancy
    3. manufacturing, including:
      1. manufacturing of ceramic insulators and insulation guards
      2. manufacturing of concrete building products
      3. manufacturing of metal structures and their parts
      4. manufacturing products made of wires, chains and springs 
      5. manufacturing of couplings and bolts 
      6. manufacturing of other unspecified finished metal products 
      7. manufacturing of other electrical equipment
    4. provision of construction services, including:
      1. construction work associated with the erection of residential and non-residential buildings 
      2. work associated with the construction of roads and motorways
      3. work associated with construction of railroads and underground railway
      4. work associated with construction of transmission pipelines and distribution networks
      5. demolition of civil structures 
      6. site preparation work 
      7. excavation work and geological-engineering drilling 
      8. installation of water-sewage, heating, gas and air conditioning systems 
      9. installation of other civil engineering systems 
      10. plastering 
      11. installation of first fix joinery 
      12. flooring work, wall papering and wall covering 
      13. painting and glazing
      14. other finishing construction work 
      15. installation of roof structures and covering 
      16. other unspecified construction work 
      17. architectural activities
    5. sale of fuels, including:
      1. wholesale sale of fuels and derivative products 
      2. retail sale of fuels for engine vehicles at petrol stations
  2. If, for specific operations performed by the company, regulations require obtaining special permits or licences granted by competent state or local government administrative bodies, the operations may be initiated no sooner than such permits or licences are obtained.
  3. The company executes tasks arising from the general defence obligation (Act of 21 November 1967 on
  4. General Defence Obligation of the Republic of Poland – unified text, Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland of 2004, No. 241, item No. 2416 as amended).
  5. Coordination of tasks relating to general defence obligation lies with the President of the Management Board at PKP S.A.
  6. Execution and financing of such tasks, referred to in (3), is governed by the rules defined in separate regulations.