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Help for Ukraine – PKP Energetyka acts together with its employees

Above all, strengthening grassroots initiatives and support for our Ukrainian employees. Beyond that – facilitated admissions, fundraising, and additional accommodation. These are the first initiatives taken by PKP Energetyka for the benefit of those affected by the war.

PKP Energetyka operates throughout Poland – also in the eastern territories. Its employees took relief measures from the first days of the conflict. These initiatives were immediately supported by the company. As part of the Dobra Energia Foundation, the company donates money to provide regular, long-term assistance to refugees. "We decided to support these grassroots efforts first and foremost because it is the employees themselves who know best where and what help is needed. Since March 2 we have been accepting applications and providing financial means to all employees who decided to provide shelter to refugees from the eastern border under their roofs – 700 PLN for each person admitted and 300 PLN per week to support current maintenance", says Beata Górniak, member of the Board of PKP Energetyka and President of the Foundation.

The company will also launch a hotline with psychological support for all employees, including Ukrainian citizens, who already receive special attention and assistance. Work is underway to make it easier for applicants to apply for a job – a website with current offers and conditions is being translated. Dedicated positions in an internship and apprenticeship program are prepared.

PKP Energetyka has also prepared its own accommodation for the ones in need and their families – fully furnished apartments and rooms in e.g. Zakopane and Ustroń. The Dobra Energia Foundation is also fundraising for additional help. PKP Energetyka estimates that in the first month alone it will allocate over PLN 2 million for various forms of assistance.

The company has also joined the initiatives undertaken by other institutions, including a special edition of the "Railway Blood Drop" campaign of the Office of Rail Transport. "We are also in constant contact with our partner organizations, including the PKP Group Foundation and the UN Global Compact. We work together to determine what more can be done to help effectively and for the long term. We will certainly want to support Ukrainian railwaymen and their families as part of the 'Railwaymen for Railwaymen' campaign", adds Beata Górniak.

Last modified: 3/15/2022