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Environmental action

PKP Energetyka has introduced an Integrated Management System (IMS) based on the PN-EN ISO 14001:2005 standard.

The following procedures have been set out within the IMS:

  • Registry and transfer of waste
  • Identification of environmental aspects and environmental reviews
  • Identification of situations of potential environmental accidents or emergencies
  • Development of environmental management schemes
  • Environmental monitoring and assessment of conformity with requirements

Environmental goals, tasks and schemes

Our company achieves its environmental goals (prevention of environmental pollution) by completing tasks the company sets itself. The main goals include:

  1. 1) reduction of harmful emissions into the air,
  2. 2) raising the environmental awareness of employees,
  3. 3) protection of soil and water from contamination,
  4. 4) limitation of electricity and thermal energy consumption,
  5. 5) removal of products containing asbestos.

Withdrawing PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl)

In accordance with the Ordinance of the Ministry of Economy of 24 June 2002 regarding the casement of use of PCB in equipment or systems by 30 June 2010, PKP Energetyka has taken a set of measures to implement the Ministry's instructions as quickly as possible.

As early as 2003, instructions on handling electrical equipment containing EBH-8 polychlorinated biphenyl were developed and implemented. PKP Energetyka carried out an inventory and marked the equipment (transformers, power capacitors and oil circuit-breakers) that may have contained PCB. The lists were sent to the relevant provincial governors.

In 2006, a contract was signed with the Institute of Power Engineering in Łódź to test samples of the oil from transformers and power circuit-breakers). There were 2,052 samples tested. Only 19 samples were found to contain inadmissible amounts of PCB.

In 2008, a replacement procedure was carried out on 312 power capacitors containing PCB in passive power compensation systems. This resulted in 9.876 Mg of hazardous waste containing PCB being produced and treated.

Withdrawal from the use of asbestos

PKP Energetyka is also acting to withdraw asbestos as quickly as possible and clean the systems and machines in which it has been used. According to the Ordinance of the Ministry of Economy, such actions should be carried out by 2032. A detailed inventory of the asbestos presence on the premises of PKP Energetyka was conducted.

PKP Energetyka is successively removing asbestos from machines and buildings in operation. By the year 2007, complete replacement of extinguishing chambers with asbestos-free chambers was performed. By the year 2008, as much as 5.280 Mg of building materials containing asbestos were withdrawn from use and treated.

Asbestos in the buildings operated by PKP Energetyka is mainly found in the form of flat and corrugated asbestos-cement slabs, used as roofing and storage umbrella roofs at technical facilities of the company, as well as in the form of division walls and ceiling slabs in some traction substations and track-sectioning cabins.

Asbestos is also present in the electric power equipment operated by the company, such as: power line test contactors and APU breaker switches.

PKP Energetyka is successively removing asbestos from machines and buildings in operation; complete removal of the products containing asbestos is scheduled at the latest by 31 December 2030.

Closed environmental protection training

PKP Energetyka holds closed environmental protection training sessions annually. They are attended by employees involved in the environmental protection within the company and heads of the technical support departments. Basic training is also arranged in the scope of the job positions taken. The purpose of the training is to promote environmental awareness and indicate how to behave in situations of emergency.

Actions taken by PKP Energetyka to limit CO2 emission

  • modernising the boiler rooms in operation,
  • changing from solid fuel boiler rooms to high efficiency gas and oil boiler rooms and electric heating,
  • undertakings to upgrade thermal insulation in administrative and technical support buildings,
  • purchasing vehicles and machines which meet emission standards,
  • using energy-saving light sources.

Regular environmental reviews

PKP Energetyka conducts annual environmental reviews at the company's facilities. The reviews are intended to assess objectively compliance with legal requirements with regard to environmental protection. Following the reviews, reports along with instructions and deadlines for their implementation are drafted.

Environmental monitoring

PKP Energetyka monitors the amount of waste being produced. The monitoring results are verified during the annual internal audits by environmental auditors.

Environmental report

PKP Energetyka compiles an environmental report concerning the functioning of the environmental management system applied by the company in accordance with the system procedures.

“Institutional Environmental Pollution Bank” computer software

Environmental condition monitoring is aided in PKP Energetyka by the Institutional Environmental Pollution Bank software, which is a unified and well-organised database of all environmental protection components. This enables more effective measures and a quicker and easier settlement with the Provincial Governor’s Office. Also, the software controls the fulfilment of all legal obligations in connection with environmental protection. It generates nuisance analyses and an evaluation of the impact exerted on the surroundings as well as compliance with the environmental management standard, i.e. PN-EN ISO 14001:2005.