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PKP Energetyka as an employer

We follow clear and regulated principles for remunerating employees. We developed these jointly under the company’s collective labour agreement. We pay our employees reliably and on time. We continue to modernise the equipment of workstations and monitor their safety. We want our employees to maintain a balance between their private and professional lives. Women returning from maternity and childcare leave are ensured of their positions and promotion opportunities. But what is most important for us is the development of our employees. Training, academic courses and post-graduate courses are the most important opportunities that we offer to boost knowledge and skills.

In our contacts with co-workers and our environment, we take actions based on the rules provided in the Company’s Code of Ethics.

Our customer relations:

  • We fulfil our obligations towards customers for the sake of their safety and convenience. We meet the ever-growing expectations by modernisation of the rolling stock and railway stations. We pay attention to the needs and challenges in the market to improve our products, services and technology. During development of our offer, we attempt to provide benefits and comfort to customers while using our services.
  • We make an attempt to ensure professional and competent service, which is friendly and  and open to customers, both in direct contact and in  correspondence.
  • We provide customers with reliable information on the products, services and the company’s activities, except  technical/technological and commercial confidential information. We do not abuse trust, take advantage of customers’ possible lack of knowledge and  inexperience.
  • We accept full responsibility for the offered products and services. If they fail to meet quality and safety standards, we analyse complaint reasons and take corrective actions.
  • We treat any commentary on our products and services as a prompt for continuous improvement, adaptation to customers’ needs and expectations.

Our supplier relations:

  • We create relations with our suppliers so that they can be based on mutual trust, professionalism, mutual respect and responsibility for one’s actions.
  • We remember that staff and customer safety depends on the quality of the products and services we purchase. Therefore, procurement plans are executed responsibly and on the basis of objective criteria. We prevent situations when our personal preferences and  benefits may affect the decisions being made. Regulations related to the selection of suppliers and services applicable in the company ensure full transparency of the activities taken to that extent.
  • We do not tolerate corruption and unfair practices.
  • We neither accept benefits nor offer them to our suppliers, contracting parties and business partners or public officers as this may affect decision-making.
  • We avoid situations when our private interests may conflict  the company’s interest. All doubts are presented to the superior to allow an awareness of actions in the situation that may occur.

Our relations with competitors:

  • We run our business on a free market, competing with others by means of quality of our products and services, with rules of fair practice followed. We make an attempt to improve our offer on a current basis by analysing market needs and observing actions taken by our competitors.

Our approach to the natural environment:

  • We aim at the combination of professional achievement of business goals and a responsible attitude towards the environment. We search for new solutions and improve the current ones to minimise the adverse impact of our activities on the environment condition.
  • We take care of the environment while performing our daily duties.
  • While making investment decisions, we take into account the impact on the ecosystem.
  • We support innovations contributing to reduction of the adverse impact exerted by our business on the environment.

Social participation

  • While trying to face expectations of our stakeholders, we create more social schemes. We support initiatives for the benefit of job placement for people with disabilities, the poorest children and young people as well as other socially-sensitive groups; we also take actions for the benefit of the propagation of culture, art and railway tradition.

We collaborate closely with technical colleges and universities, including: Warsaw University of Technology. We have concluded an agreement obliging us to actively support the professional careers of students and graduates of Warsaw University of Technology. We are also interested in higher education. Our patronage agreement with the Mechanical and Electrical School in Gliwice obliges us to recruit mature students for vocational training and to organise meetings and lectures by company representatives for the students.