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Activity as a distribution network operator (DNO)

While carrying out its business in the provision of distribution services, PKP Energetyka is responsible for usage, operation, maintenance and repairs of the distribution network as well as network expansion under the licence for electricity distribution within the period until 31 December 2030. The licence was granted by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office by Decision No. PEE/237/3158/N/2/2001/MS of 25 July 2001 and extended by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office by Decision No. DEE/237-ZTO/3158/W/2/2010/BT of 12 May 2010.

Rates for provided distribution services are included in Tariff for electricity. Additional information on charges for provided distribution services can be obtained from Distribution Regions assigned to the given areas.

Information on power failure and scheduled shutdowns as well as electricity quality standards are available in Distribution Regions.

By Decision No. DPE-4711-5(4)/3158/2011/BT of  28 June 2011 issued by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office, PKP Energetyka was appointed an operator of the electric power distribution system to the extend defined in the license for electricity distribution, excluding distribution networks located within the region, the operation of which lies with another operator of the electric power distribution system or another operator of the connected system as appointed under Art. 9h of the Energy Law.

Pursuant to Art. 9c (3) of the Energy Law, the distribution system operator, using objective and transparent rules ensuring equal treatment of system users, taking into account environmental requirements, is responsible for, in particular:

  • running network operation in the distribution network,
  • operating, maintaining and repairing of the distribution network to guarantee functional reliability of the distribution system,
  • ensuring expansion of the distribution network within the operator’s scope of activity,
  • balancing the system and managing electricity flows within the distribution network,
  • purchasing electricity to compensate losses occurring in the distribution network during the distribution of electricity,
  • providing to network users and operators of other electric power systems, with which the system is connected, information on the provision of electricity distribution services and network management, as necessary to gain access to and use the distribution network,
  • constructing and operating the technical and IT infrastructure used to acquire and transmit measuring data, including the management of such data,
  • acquiring, storing, processing and making available measuring data,
  • compiling, updating and making available standard consumption profiles to consumers,
  • planning development of the distribution network, taking into account undertakings associated with energy performance,
  • managing electricity demand or developing power generating capabilities connected to the distribution network,
  • developing a normal system for operation of the distribution network in agreement with neighbouring operators of electric power distribution systems.

Detailed conditions applicable to usage of the distribution network by system’s users as well as conditions and manner of operation and development of the distribution network are defined in:

  • Distribution Network Code(Download PDF)
  • Update sheet no. 1/2015 IRiESD (Download PDF)

Documents to download:

  • General terms and conditions of electricity distribution contracts with PKP Energetyka for tariff groups C2x, C1x, G and R (Download).
  • Electricity distribution contract for customers in the B group tariffs (Download PDF 957 kB).
  •  Electricity distribution contract for customers in the C2x group tariffs  (DownloadPDF 950 kB).
  • Electricity distribution contract for customers in the C1x group tariffs (DownloadPDF 160 kB).