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Be a train driver

During this year’s Railway Technology Days, held on Sunday, June 13th, in Warsaw, Gliwice, Częstochowa and Gdańsk, you can be a real train driver. It’s a great attraction for the youngest railway fans.

The first opportunity is waiting in Warsaw. Not everyone knows that the training centre of CS Szkolenie i Doradztwo, located at ul. Edisona 2, is equipped with a real EP09 locomotive driving simulator. Its interior is a copy of the actual locomotive - all controls and measuring instruments are replaced with imitations with their appearance, indications and interaction with the driver of a virtual train are identical as in the cabin of the actual locomotive. A projection system provides a lifelike simulated image of tracks as seen from the driver’s cabin. Driving simulation allows for the modification of weather conditions  and visibility. It also provides complete simulation of all sound effects, failures and defects in the locomotive and train systems, as well as the recording of operational parameters. The simulator and simulation practice are monitored from the instructor station installed in a separate room. The instructor programmes the train route, number and type of cars and their weights. In addition, the instructor controls all simulator systems and monitors the course of simulation practice, communicating remarks to the driver via radio telephone. It is here where all drivers undergo specialised training. During Railway Technology Days, everyone can try to be a driver. Register today for your simulated drive. You can register between 8:00 and 17:00 by calling (22) 612 13 57/58.

If you cannot come to Warsaw, visit Częstochowa. The main attraction there will be provided by a cabin ride on a real locomotive of type SM-42. The locomotive departs from platform 1 of the Częstochowa Stradom station (shuttle bus is available connecting stations of Częstochowa Osobowa and Częstochowa Stradom, every 60 minutes) heading for Częstochowa Gnaszyn station. You can take these 30 minute rides between 10:00 and 17:00. During one ride, the locomotive cabin can hold up to 5 persons. If you do not have time for a ride in a real locomotive, you can try the driving simulator at the Częstochowa Osobowa station.

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Railway Technology Days are organised by: the Association of Communication Engineers and Technicians of the Republic of Poland, PKP S.A, PKP Energetyka, PKP PLK, Telekomunikacja Kolejowa, PKP Cargo, PKP SKM in Trójmiasto, CS Szkolenie i Doradztwo, Railway Museum, PKP Intercity, KOW and Wars. Railway Technology Days are held under the auspices of Andrzej Wach, President of PKP S.A., President of the capital city of Warsaw, President of the city of Gliwice, Pomorskie Province Governor. Media sponsorship is provided by Kolej TV, Kurier Kolejowy, TSL Biznes,, Miasto Dzieci and ITV Gliwice.

Railway Technology Days – a periodic family event aiming at the presentation of rail-related matters to all interested parties. This year’s edition will be held in four Polish cities: Warsaw, Gdańsk, Częstochowa and Gliwice. During the family event held on Sunday, June 13th, from 10:00 to 17:00, all visitors will find something to their liking. Kids can check out large rail cars and participate in numerous games and competitions. Older visitors can find out technical details
about the presented rolling stock and talk to rail workers about their jobs. The event will also include live performances of children bands. Relevant information will be published on an on-going basis on the website

The diesel locomotive SM42 is a locomotive designed for shunting works. This 4-axle vehicle has one cabin in the back, ensuring good visibility in all directions. The locomotive is suited for one-person operation. In Poland, PKP Cargo is the major operator, using SM42 locomotives.

The EP09 locomotive is a Polish electric locomotive designed for operation with passenger trains. The first EP09 locomotive was manufactured by Pafawag Wrocław in 1986. E09 locomotives were designed for operation with passenger trains up to 500 tonnes at speeds up to 160 km/h. They can be seen in PKP Intercity trains.


For further information, please contact:

Małgorzata Duda
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Mirosław Pawelec
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Press Spokesperson in PKP Energetyka S.A.:
Marek Sieczkowski
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Last modified: 2/29/2016