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Laboratory to test dielectric equipment, not only for railways

There is a test head over the tub, with gloves attached, and below there is a shelf with a row of galoshes and shoes. Above each holder, there are green lamps signalling an adequate water level... a toy shop? No – it’s a state-of-the-art laboratory for tests of personal protection equipment for electric power works. PKP Energetyka S.A. tests insulating mats and rods there, as well as work gloves, shoes and galoshes.

Pomorski Regional Plant of PKP Energetyka S.A. is a proud owner of the modern laboratory for tests of dielectric equipment. The laboratory is fitted with latest test equipment: a versatile test system (type UPU40/6 – 110/10), an insulating mat test station ZUCI and an insulating rod test station Zudi-3.

In the laboratory safety comes first. Control is done by means of a control and measuring cabinet. It is designed so as to prevent activation of high voltage, in case it might pose a risk to human life and health.

Laboratory personnel appreciate the new equipment. They say it makes tests more efficient, faster and more accurate.  Laboratory services are used by company employees as well as external companies, and not only from the railway sector. Among laboratory customers, there are such companies as Przewozy Regionalne or PKP Cargo, but also “Gryf” Fishing Port, and more.

Last modified: 2/29/2016