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New record in Poland – 291 kph – set by Pendolino

During tests on the Main Railway Line, Pendolino reached a speed of 291 km/h. The train was tested, among others, for operation together with traffic control equipment, the braking process or the effect of the magnetic field. In addition to the Railway Institute, the train manufacturer and PKP Intercity, there were also the Polish State Railways and PKP Energetyka participating in the tests.

During the tests on the Main Railway Line on Sunday, between Górka Włodowska and Psary, the Pendolino train reached a speed of 291 km/h. Speed tests are just one phase of overall tests to be completed by each new railway vehicle prior to putting it into service. It is assumed that the train should reach the speed higher by 10% than the maximum operating speed. In the case of Pendolino trains, it is 275 km/h (permitted operating speed: 250 km/h).


”Pendolino passed another test in the series. For the first time, we have reached the speed of 291 km/h in Poland. This is the effect of the joint work of many people from the PKP Intercity, Railway Institute running the tests, Alstom, infrastructure manager PLK and PKP Energetyka, responsible for the traction network. I would like to thank them all for their contribution to the project and for their commitment” says Janusz Malinowski, President of the Management Board at PKP Intercity.


The tests are conducted on the 40 kilometre-long section of the Main Railway Line between Zawiercie/Góra Włodowska and Psary/Knapówka. In addition to thorough checking of the trainset, Polskie Linie Kolejowe are testing the traction network designed in Poland, sections of railway tracks made in Poland, and a series of other factors. The first weekend of tests on the Main Railway Line showed the readiness of the infrastructure of Polskie Linie Kolejowe for operation together with
the most modern rolling stock.


”In Poland, we have been travelling at a speed of 160 km/h for 25 years now. Next year, we will start regular operations on the Main Railway Line at a speed of 200 km/h. Pendolino is the significant development accelerator for the Polish railway infrastructure, besides the Main Railway Line binding the network with operating speed of 120, 160 km/h to 200 km/h” says Remigiusz Paszkiewicz, President of the Management Board at PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe.


Speed tests are only part of the test programme comprising also of the verification of

- train operation together with the railway track,

- pantograph, i.e. operation together with the traction network

- possible interferences emitted to the network

- electromagnetic field

- interior noise

- impact on the track

- train operation, together with the Railway Traffic Control Equipment and axle counters

- brakes.


The ride at the speed of 291 km/h took place on Saturday (November 23rd) at 14:59.


Due to the requirement of ensuring maximum safety conditions, (high visibility) tests are conducted in daylight conditions. This results in the necessity of suspending certain passenger operation lines for the weekend. Trains travelling from Warsaw to Krakow are not affected, but some trains from/to Katowice take the detour via Częstochowa, and one connection is temporarily suspended. Using the alternative route extends travel times to approx. 2 hours.


Suspended trains:

·         EIC 4140 “Comenius” from. Katowice to Warszawa Wsch.

·         EIC 1440 “Comenius” from Warszawa Wsch. to Katowice 

Passengers who bought tickets for weekend travels on the “Comenius” train are kindly requested to contact PKP Intercity for the return or modification of tickets. Passengers will be compensated for changes with vouchers.


Trains with altered routes:

·         TLK 26102 “Sztygar” from Lublin  to Wrocław Gł.

·         EIC 14009 “Varsovia” from Warszawa Wsch. – Budapest Keleti

·         EIC 41002 ”Sobieski” from Vienna – Warszawa Wsch.

·         EIC 14002 “Sobieski” from Warszawa Wsch. to Vienna


The next two weekends of tests are scheduled on Nov 30 – Dec 1 and Dec 7-8.


Notifications concerning changes in train timetables can be found on the websites
and,by calling the PKP Intercity hotline 19 757 or at information desks at railway stations. Passengers will be notified of changes: in ticket offices, via Public Address systems, ticket inspectors on trains, on Facebook and Twitter.

Last modified: 2/29/2016