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BillBird S.A. plans implementation of an e-billing system at PKP Energetyka

PKP Energetyka entrusted BillBird S.A. with the implementation of an innovative portal for the handling of electronic documents. Works on launching the proprietary e-billing platform began in November 2013. Pursuant to the contract, BillBird will be also responsible for handling of paper invoices.

Starting November 2013, BillBird S.A., at the order of PKP Energetyka, began creating a portal for the handling of electronic documents. Complete solutions will be delivered in the  SaaS (Software as a Service) formula, adapted to the specificity of the energy sector and the requirements of the Principal.

“We are glad to have signed the contract with PKP Energetyka. We had been developing proprietary e-billing solutions tailored to the needs of our customers and meeting all formal and legal requirements for years now. Being the contractor with information security certificate acc. to ISO 27001, we guarantee that processing and storage of information complies with international security standards. Surely, creating a dedicated portal for PKP Energetyka is a challenge, but it is a challenge that we can meet. We have all been observing, attentively, the process of dynamic restructuring of PKP companies, and e-billing aligns with that trend”, says Przemysław Płudowski, Sales Director, Electronic Products at BillBird S.A.

“We are convinced that implementation of an e-billing system and mass printing will significantly reduce both the cost and time of delivering billing documents to customers. This is possible with the use of e-invoice, which can be delivered to the customer on the date of issue, resulting in a shorter term of payment. In addition, customers who decide to use e-invoice will be able to customise the system for the automatic accounting of invoices in their own financial and accounting systems. The elimination of printing and enveloping invoices will free the working time of our employees which they can use to other ends,” states Paweł Majka, Deputy Director at Electricity Trade Division.

BillBird S.A. will use its own server base for processing and filing invoices, and they will also be handling traditional documents - printing, enveloping and sending paper invoices. Implementing proprietary solutions will improve the document circulation system, improve security and reduce the costs of invoice distribution at PKP Energetyka.

Last modified: 2/29/2016