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PKP Energetyka S.A. and other companies in the group are prepared for winter

More than 20,000 employees, four times more trains to remove ice, de-icing safety measures, almost four times longer distance of the traction network, almost 1,500 prepared rail cars of PKP Intercity and complete passenger information – this is how  companies of the PKP Group have prepared for winter.


Comprehensive information

During the period of intensified passenger traffic in winter, passengers can rely on assistance provided by mobile information officers, who are going to appear when the train timetable is changed at the 18 most important railway stations. Each day, passengers will be provided with assistance by about 100 information officers.

Passengers will be informed about every delay. Complete information on the causes and duration of delays will be provided by employees of the train attendant teams. Relevant messages will be announced at the stations as well. Current information on the train timetable can be obtained by calling 19 757 or visiting the following websites: (,,, and via social media (Twitter, Facebook).


Passenger assistance

In the event of delays exceeding 30 minutes, passengers of PKP Intercity trains will be given hot beverages. The passengers will be also able to change trains as PKP Intercity tickets will be accepted by other carriers (Przewozy Regionalne, Koleje Mazowieckie and Koleje Śląskie). In the event of impassable railway lines, the company will launch emergency travel service for the passengers. Those willing to cancel the journey will be eligible to refunds free of all deductions.

Appropriate assistance to the passengers will be provided at the stations as well. In the event of train delays exceeding 30 minutes, passengers waiting at the 40 largest stations will be given hot beverages and snacks. The same facilities will be opened 24/7 if the outside temperature falls below -10 °C. If the temperature lowers by another 10 degrees, all stations throughout the country will be made accessible to passengers round the clock. Additionally, the passengers may rely on assistance to be provided by employees of information centres (Nowy Biura Dworca) located at the stations as follows: Gdańsk Główny, Gdynia Główna, Katowice, Kraków Główny, Poznań Główny, Wrocław Główny as well as Warszawa Centralna and Warszawa Wschodnia. The centres will be opened every day from 7:00 to 21:00).

Also, the Customer Support Centre is opened round the clock to look after passengers at every stage of their journey. The representatives of PKP S.A., PKP Intercity and PKP PLK working in the Centre are responsible for monitoring train traffic and inspection of the jobs performed by train attendant teams. The Centre also helps passengers in a situation of delays by providing emergency transport service or beverages and snacks at stations and on trains. Since January 2014, the Centre has helped 160,000 passengers.


Additional assistance in winter

All companies in the PKP Group are preparing for traffic difficulties due to winter weather conditions. PKP Intercity provides almost 1,500 rail cars (including 20% of back-up in the event of failure or necessity to ensure additional train fleet). Repair workshops owned by the carrier are opened 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. If necessary diesel locomotives owned by PKP Intercity will be used as well. The company has overhauled 10 such engines this year.

In extraordinary situations, electric and diesel safety locomotives will be provided by PKP Cargo.

Maintenance of an appropriate condition of railway lines will be taken care of by the Polish State Railways and PKP Energetyka. The companies will cooperate in snow clearing along railway lines and de-icing of the traction network. For the purpose of snow, frost and ice removal, one-fifth of the machine fleet (an increase from 165 to 195 items), four times more de-icing devices (an increase from 18 to 66), 85 traction emergency trains and 28 defrosting devices have been prepared. Also, special stationary equipment to protect the train chassis from icing will be on standby. Preventive measures along the railway lines are being taken by PKP Energetyka, which protects the traction network from accumulation of frost and ice. This year, the scope of the actions being taken has increased four times, i.e. from 950 to 3,500 km.

Moreover, 172 rapid response teams have been assigned to work under winter conditions. In total, there will be 20,000 people monitoring railway traffic.

During winter, special cleaning companies, selected by members of the PKP Group, are responsible for maintaining railway facilities. The duties involve, among others, snow clearing and de-icing as well as the distribution of sand and anti-slipping agents. Frequency of the tasks is adapted to the weather conditions at a given time.


New railway timetable

On 14 December 2014, a new annual train timetable becomes effective. With the new timetable, passengers will enjoy shorter travel times along main routes. For the connections from Warsaw to Gdańsk and Wrocław, these travel times will be shortest in history. Passengers will be provided with assistance by information officers present in larger railway stations in the country. Passengers will also find special information leaflets there. Major changes will be also made available on websites, via social media and by calling the Infoline (19 757). In addition, passengers can track booked seats on PKP Intercity trains; the information is available on the carrier’s website.

There will be special information desks at the stations: Warszawa Centralna, Warszawa Wschodnia, Poznań Główny and Łódź Kaliska. Additional stands will be provided at other stations during the period of intensified passenger traffic.

Last modified: 2/29/2016