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PKP Energetyka starts selling “blue” fuel

As the Energy Sector Regulatory Authority (URE) approved PKP Energetyka tariff for trade in natural gas, on July 1st, the company may start selling that material.  Thus, the leading supplier of electric energy joins the ranks of suppliers providing customers with gas and electric energy in a single package.



”Obtaining the gas completes months of our work on the expansion of our portfolio and making it more attractive. This is one step more in the diversification of products and services, to further strengthen the stable and well-founded position of PKP Energetyka. Even in the phase of obtaining permission for trade in gas, we started talks with our present business customers. There is great potential for growth in the liberalising gas market,” comments Wojciech Szwankowski, member of the Board at PKP Energetyka.

The tariff, approved by the President of the Energy Sector Regulatory Authority, will come into force on 1 July 2014 and will be valid for 12 months. The tariff contains a settlement in energy units (kWh) and not in volume units, as before (m3). This is due to changes approved by URE, coming into force on 1 August 2014. Expressing gas prices in energy units will facilitate their comparison with prices  of other energy media.

The process of formal preparations for the company’s entering into the gas market started in September 2013.  Subsequent phases included: obtaining the concession for trade in gas fuels from the Energy Sector Regulatory Authority (URE), signing the distribution agreement with Industrial System Operator Gaz System S.A., expansion of operations in the Energy Exchange to include trade in gas , signing a gas distribution agreement with Polska Spółka Gazownictwa, and finally  approval of the tariff by URE.

The survey of customers’ needs

In the course of preparations for starting the sale of gas, PKP Energetyka conducted a joint survey with ARC Rynek i Opinia, in order to identify the needs, preferences and expectations of businesses with regard to the selection of a supplier of gas and electric energy. The survey used the sample of 500 businesses (incl. 278 businesses using gas) demonstrated that customers are interested in buying a package containing electric energy and gas.

”Surveys that we conducted among businesses demonstrated that 74 percent of them would like to have a single supplier of gas and electric energy. This is why we prepared such a package. Purchasing such a package will give them savings resulting from the provision of gas and electricity by the same supplier. Furthermore,we provide our free of charge assistance in changing the supplier, acting on behalf of our customers. This is important, as some of surveyed customers do not change their suppliers fearing the complexity of formal proceedings,”adds Wojciech Szwankowski.

It has to be expected that increased awareness of customers with regard to the liberalization of the gas market will bring an increasing number of cases of switching gas supplier, as was the case with electric energy. Pursuant to URE data, the number of customers planning to switch the supplier of electric energy is increasing every month. In Q1 this year, nearly 5,000 such cases were noted. In 2012–2013, the number of business customers buying energy under TPA contracts increased by 186% in total.



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Last modified: 2/29/2016