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PKP Energetyka with record results

PKP Energetyka closed the year 2013 with revenues in sales in the order of PLN 3.69 billion, which is over 14% more than in 2012, when the company earned PLN 3.2 billion. Thanks to the effective implementation of a business strategy 2012-2016, the net result of the company is PLN 89 million, 37% more than last year. Such growth was due to, i.a., record volumes of electric energy sold, reaching  6.6 TWh.


”The first year of functioning of the new business model brought measurable effects, reflected in the financial results. The company observed growth in all areas of operation – by 8.9% in trade and distribution of electric energy, by 12.4% in services, and by 21% in the sales of fuels to railway operators” said Tadeusz Skobel, President of the Management Board at PKP Energetyka S.A.


New business model

Very good financial results are also the effect of the company’s restructuring. The new business model was created, providing for the establishment of a Services Division, centralising the operations of 15 regional plants across Poland, and a Sales Division, being the foundation for growth in the TPA segment (Third-party Access, or making available by the owner or operator of network infrastructure to third parties for the purpose of delivery of goods/services to third-party customers). The implemented changes helped dynamic growth in TPA segment of business of PKP Energetyka, which sold last year 3.3 TWh of electric energy, 50% more than in 2012. Simultaneously, the company observed a 70% growth in the number of customers in this segment. The share of non-traction power sales, both under TPA and comprehensive agreements, is as much as 65%. The traction power segment (railway operators market), so important to PKP Energetyka, sold last year 35% of the total volume.


At the end of last year, the company issued bonds, in cooperation with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and Bank ING SA, a total value of PLN 500 million, to be used for implementation of the project for the traction network supply system upgrade (MUZ), a total value of over PLN 1 billion. Works are carried out according to schedule, and outlays for upgrade works in 2013 reached PLN 170 million. Implementation of this project is one of the necessary elements for the increase in the operating speed of trains using Polish tracks.


New products and services

Last year was filled with projects defining the directions of PKP Energetyka development in the years to come. Expansion of our portfolio with trade in gas and entering the high-voltage energy market ensure diversification of revenues and stability of company operations” added Tadeusz Skobel, President of the Management Board of PKP Energetyka S.A.

In the discussed period, the company also started implementation of the highest voltage lines, opening the large market for the nationwide upgrade of the highest voltage grid in Poland. 


Financial results for 2012 and 2013




Net sales revenue and similar items, including:

3 236 966

3 691 251

Operating costs

3 118 895

3 575 393

Profit (loss) on sales

118 071

115 858

Other operating revenues

23 817

28 470

Other operating costs

71 116

38 404

Profit (loss) on operation

70 772

105 924

Financial revenues

22 319

18 625

Financial costs

9 735

11 406

Profit (loss) from business activities

83 357

113 143

Gross profit (loss)

83 357

113 143

Income tax

17 742

23 183

Net profit (loss)

65 615

89 960

Volume of energy sales  

5.5 TWh

6.6 TWh

Last modified: 2/29/2016