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Electric power equipment valued at PLN 160 m from ABB to supply key railway lines in Poland

ABB has completed the first order for supply and installation of 110 kV switchboards for PKP Energetyka S.A., the fifth largest electricity seller in Poland. The total value of the contract for the equipment to be used during the work on station facilities to supply power to main railway lines amounts to approx. PLN 160 m.

”The first order completed by ABB related to the traction substation in the town of Łachów. Further stages involve electric power equipment to be used within the project carried out by PKP Energetyka S.A. for modernisation of station facilities,” said Hubert Krukowski, Marketing and Sales Director in the Local Business Units for Electric Power Stations in ABB.

The mentioned projects relate to the E65 railway line from Warsaw to Gdynia and the E20 line from Cracow to Rzeszów. These are key transportation lines in this region of Europe. The E65 main railway line connects Baltic countries with those located at the Adriatic Sea and in the Balkans. Moreover, the E30 main railway line is included in the third Pan-European corridor crossing Germany, Poland and Ukraine.

In 2012, ABB Sp. z o.o. was entrusted with an order placed by PKP Energetyka S.A. for a total value of almost PLN 110 m for the supply of rectifier units in DC traction stations. Subsequent orders for the purpose of railway line modernisation were placed between 2013 and 2014 and amounted to a value of approx. PLN 50 m.

In the scope of the new orders, ABB will supply, install and supervise the installation of high voltage apparatus. Compass type modules are one of the key elements in the order; they are reliable devices successfully used for years by the railway in Italy, ensuring a reduced environmental impact.

”The modified version of the apparatus allows the customer to reduce on-site operating costs and limit the station area by 50%, compared to conventional open-air substations. With such a solution, the project owner does not have to incur additional costs for purchasing the land needed for the modernisation”, added Paweł Fukiet, Marketing and Sales Direction in the Local ABB Business Unit for High Voltage Power Engineering.

In total, as the main contractor, ABB will supply electric power equipment for 9 power supply stations. In 9 more of them, other contractors will supply ABB equipment.

Capital expenditures of the programme for the Modernisation of Power Supply Systems in PKP Energetyka S.A., completed in particular with the use of ABB equipment, amount to almost PLN 1 billion. Completion of the programme will result in a reduction in train travel times, in particular by launching modern rolling stock on Polish tracks. It is associated with higher energy consumption by trains, requiring development of the power infrastructure.

”Our cooperation will have a beneficial impact on the development of rail transport in Poland. Using modern systems and services provided by ABB guarantees that the completed projects will serve the railway for many years and bring it to the highest European standards”, added Tomasz Besztak, Management Board representative, Director of Network Operation and Development in PKP Energetyka S.A.

Last modified: 2/29/2016