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Cooperation set to continue: PKP Intercity procures energy from PKP Energetyka

For the next two years, virtually all trains belonging to the national rail carrier will be powered by PKP Energetyka. This is the latest of a number of long-term agreements concluded by the two companies since 2001. The basic contract covers a volume of nearly 1.6 TWh, with a value in excess of PLN 1.1 billion net.

The rail carrier and energy supplier have been cooperating continuously since PKP was split into individual companies. In December this year, another agreement for the supply of catenary energy until 2022 was signed, with an option to extend it for a further 12 months. The extended version of the contract represents a value of PLN 1.7 billion net. Among other things, for the rail carrier, it guarantees continuity and security of power supply, a market model that mitigates specific price risks for the railway sector, and the option to settle accounts on the basis of actual energy consumption using electricity meters installed in locomotives and electric multiple units. Both companies also foresee a real possibility of future cooperation within the scope of RES projects and the “Zielona Kolej” programme.

“Negotiations with PKP Energetyka were substantive and conducted on equal footing. We have signed an agreement that ensures continuity of the energy supply for the next 24 months, with the option to extend it for another year. Such security is very important for us and makes it possible to plan other purchases and investments,” said Adam Laskowski, member of the Management Board of PKP Intercity. “We are also considering implementing RES solutions to reduce the costs of purchasing electricity to power the railway infrastructure. This is an ambitious vision, but we know that the railway needs to change and we want to make greater use of RES in the near future,” he added.

“Yet another comprehensive and long-term agreement with the national carrier demonstrates to our team that we are a reliable, credible and industry-valued partner. PKP Energetyka's mission is “to support the development of Polish railways”. As such, we focus on this sector and are proud that we are able to meet the high expectations of our customers. We are already preparing the “Zielona Kolej” project in response to requests from railway companies associated with the industry’s Railway Energy Efficiency Centre. It is a product created in response to the needs of environmentally aware, pro-ecological companies such as PKP Intercity,” said Leszek Hołda, member of the Management Board of PKP Energetyka.

Over the last few years, the Polish rail sector has recorded very good performance. More than 335 million passengers used rail services in 2019, 49 million of which were travellers using PKP Intercity services. Despite a difficult year due to the COVID pandemic, the railways have operated smoothly, provided goods deliveries and transported people and freight safely. Studies show that rail is seen by travellers as a safe means of transport, and initiatives such as #ZawszeNaSłużbie (#AlwaysonService), of which both companies are a member, attest to the industry's willingness to provide an always-available, competitive railway service to the Polish people.

Last modified: 2/4/2021