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Captrain Polska will be powered by green energy

Polish rail freight carrier Captrain Polska has signed a letter of intent with PKP Energetyka to purchase traction electricity from renewable sources as part of the Green Railway Programme. Its aim is the transition of railway transport in Poland to green energy.

Captrain Polska is part of the Rail Logistics Europe international group, owned by the French SNCF and operating in most Western European countries. It carries goods, products and raw materials for various branches of the steel, chemical, construction and energy industries. In addition to transport on domestic routes in Poland, it is also active in cross-border transport within the East-West transport corridor. Thanks to cooperation with carriers from Lithuania, Ukraine and Russia, the company operates in the area of rail logistics services from and to the countries of Eastern Europe. The carrier uses about 30 locomotives. Signing the letter of intent with PKP Energetyka commences the works on an agreement with the rail electricity provider, thanks to which Captrain Polska will be supplied with green electricity from solar and wind power plants.

“We are green, innovative and our business is guided by the adage 'always forward'. We are committed to continuous and sustainable development. Therefore, joining the Green Railway Programme implemented by PKP Energetyka will be a natural step for us. The use of electricity from renewable sources will allow us to offer green services within a green supply chain that is environmentally friendly, with a reduced carbon footprint,” says Paweł Szczapiński, President of Captrain Polska.

The Green Railway Programme was created by the industry initiative Centre for Railway Energy Efficiency (Centrum Efektywności Energetycznej Kolei, CEEK). Its integrator is PKP Energetyka. The aim of the Programme is to change the sources of power supply for railways in Poland. In 2025, the share of RES in the sources of rail electricity is to be 50%, in 2030 – 85%, and ultimately 100%. “We are on the right track to achieving these ambitions. The railway industry is aware of the challenges it faces and of the need of transition to green energy,” emphasises Leszek Hołda, Member of the PKP Energetyka Management Board. As he points out, “Captrain Polska is already the tenth rail carrier to declare its participation in the Green Railway Programme.” Letters of intent in this matter were previously signed by PKP Energetyka with DB Cargo Polska, CTL Logistics, ECCO Rail, Raildox and STK (freight carriers) and with Łódzka Kolej Aglomeracyjna, Koleje Śląskie, Koleje Mazowieckie and Koleje Małopolskie (passenger carriers).

The aim of CEEK's activities is to optimise electricity consumption of railways in Poland. CEEK's plans are to reduce the sector's energy consumption by 1.2 TWh by 2030 and reduce CO2 emissions by 1 million tonnes by then. To this end, CEEK promotes the development of recuperation technologies, eco-driving and the use of RES plants on railway premises and facilities. The Green Railway Programme has been implemented since 2019. Its effect by 2030 will be the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by approx. 8 million tonnes.

Last modified: 1/4/2022