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PKP Energetyka concludes another connection agreement with PSE

An expanded switching station and new substation will be connected in the Praga district in Warsaw.

According to an agreement signed by PKP Energetyka S.A. and PSE S.A. on April 30 of this year, a project will be carried out over the next three years to establish another connection point between the PKP Energetyka network and the PSE transmission network. The project will mean an increase in the power available in the PKP Energetyka network and will positively affect the quality and reliability of power supply to its customers.

A new 110/15 kV PKP Energetyka substation is to be built near the Golędzinów housing estate. In order to connect it to the transmission network, PSE will expand the 110 kV switching station with the 220/110 kV Praga substation (SE). PKP Energetyka will be responsible for building the new Golędzinów substation and two cable lines to connect the two developments.

The project will provide an additional point of connection between the PKP Energetyka network and the network of the transmission system operator PSE, strengthening investment opportunities and ensuring power quality for current and future customers of the developing infrastructure.

It will be the second direct connection between PKP Energetyka and the PSE transmission network following the establishment of the Gołąbki distribution supply point connected to the 220/110 kV Mory substation. Such connections stabilise the operation of the PKP Energetyka network and increase the security and reliability of the energy supply.

"I am delighted that we will be working together with PSE to strengthen the security of energy supply. The project is in line with PKP Energetyka’s Strategy 2030, whose pillars include increasing power in our distribution network and increasing customer satisfaction. It is worth noting that the new station will be fully digital and powered by RES energy,” said Marek Kleszczewski, member of the Management Board of PKP Energetyka.

According to the agreement, the completion of the connection and the construction of the new 110 kV/MV Golędzin substation is planned for December 2024.

Last modified: 6/10/2021