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PKP Energetyka as a partner of the Responsible Business Forum

PKP Energetyka Capital Group became a partner of the Responsible Business Forum. Partnering with the Forum is one of the actions carried out as part of the company’s Sustainable Development Strategy. Cooperation was inaugurated on November 4, during a ceremonial gala of the Responsible Business Forum: “People who change business”. As part of its cooperation with the Forum, PKP Energetyka is planning in the near future to sign a Diversity Charter, among other actions.

“Implementing the idea of sustainable development is one of the foundations of PKP Energetyka’s daily operations. Being part of a network of companies that have similar values in their DNA will certainly allow us to inspire each other, share knowledge and experience. Cooperation with RBF is one of the activities carried out under our Sustainable Development Strategy until 2030” - says Krzysztof Kiełmiński, Director of the PKP Energetyka Communication Office.

In the Sustainable Development Strategy of PKP Energetyka, five key areas were defined, within which 116 detailed initiatives are implemented, thanks to which it is possible to conduct business in a possible manner. These initiatives may include, inter alia, building a diverse organization, developing photovoltaic infrastructure, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, or building a sustainable supply chain. This means that PKP Energetyka undertakes, with equal concern and care, actions for the environment, local communities, employees and business partners.

“Partnerships strengthen corporate social responsibility in individual organizations and serve all their stakeholders well. The fact that PKP Energetyka joined the group of the Responsible Business Forum’s strategic partners is a sign of the company’s maturity. It means that having reached a certain level of advancement, it is open to sharing its own experience and practices, but it also sees the need for education and cooperation for sustainable development in Poland” - stresses Marzena Strzelczak, President and CEO of the Responsible Business Forum.

As part of its partnership with RBF, PKP Energetyka is planning to join the group of more than 220 Polish companies being signatories of the Diversity Charter. The Charter is a document in which employers undertake to introduce a prohibition of discrimination in the workplace, as well as to take action for creating and promoting diversity.

Last modified: 12/1/2021