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PKP Energetyka will assist Captrain Polska and STK produce green energy

PKP Energetyka signed two letters of intent with rail freight carriers regarding cooperation in the production of non-traction energy from renewable sources. Captrain Polska and STK will invest in photovoltaic installations. They will be built on railway buildings and infrastructure. PKP Energetyka will assist in the selection of appropriate equipment, its installation and operation.

As the announcement reads, thanks to the investment in PV panels, both carriers will become prosumers, i.e. entities that simultaneously consume and generate green electricity from renewable sources for their own needs. PKP Energetyka will share its experience with Captrain Polska and STK gained during realisation of similar projects, indicating effective and modern solutions.

Captrain Polska is an independent rail carrier operating throughout Poland and a part of an international capital group. It uses about 30 diesel and electric locomotives and nearly 120 railway cars. In particular, it specialises in cross-border railway transport within the East-West transport corridor, cooperating with carriers from Lithuania, Ukraine and Russia. In addition to automotive and intermodal transportation as well as bulk products (fuels, chemicals, steel and coal), Captrain Polska also handles specialised transport such as track machinery and special shipments (e.g. long rails).

- We are green. But this statement doesn't just apply to the official colours of our company. At Captrain Polska we value continuous growth, however, we also keep in mind the sustainable development and care for the environment. Rail is already the most planet-friendly mean of transport, but we want its negative impact on the environment to be even lower. Therefore, we are planning to start cooperation with PKP Energetyka to place photovoltaic panels on our buildings, which will allow us to produce clean energy from the sun. We will save and reduce our carbon footprint, says Pawel Szczapinski, President of Captrain Polska quoted in the announcement.

STK is a private railway company with traditions, present on the Polish railway market since 2005. Initially, it provided primarily specialist transport of oversized shipments for manufacturers of power equipment (e.g. generators). Later, it also expanded its services to include the transportation of fuel and chemical materials, containers and bulk products. The company uses electric and diesel locomotives and specialised railway cars adapted to different types of shipments. STK is in particularly close cooperation with Czech and Slovak carriers.

- Thanks to our carriage-related operation, for many years huge equipment and millions of tonnes of heavy bulk and chemical products have been transported in an efficient and environmentally safe manner. Now it's time to take the next step – reducing our consumption of non-traction electricity drawn from external sources. This will be possible through the installation of photovoltaic installations on the infrastructure belonging to STK. The use of PV panels will allow us to reduce the ongoing costs of our operations. It will also fit in with the pro-environmental measures currently being taken by the business.

We are counting on the possibility to benefit from the experience of PKP Energetyka gained in the execution of similar projects", emphasises Grzegorz Hałasiewicz, President of STK.

As PKP Energetyka points out, the letters of intent signed with Captrain Polska and STK are yet another such agreement with rail carriers concerning cooperation in acquiring non-traction energy from renewable sources. Earlier, similar declarations were also made by PKP Cargo, CTL Logistics, Łódzka Kolej Aglomeracyjna, Koleje Śląskie, Rail Polska, LTE Polska, Transchem and ECCO Rail.

- PKP Energetyka supports efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of rail in Poland. It is good to see that more and more rail carriers operating on the Polish railway network care about the climate and environment. In implementing photovoltaic projects, we are happy to share our experience and competence with our partners. We know that pursuing climate neutrality is our shared responsibility. It is worth investing in green energy, emphasises Leszek Hołda, Member of the PKP Energetyka Management Board.

PKP Energetyka, Captrain Polska and STK are members of the Centre for Railway Energy Efficiency (CEEK), a railway industry initiative working towards more competitive and environmentally friendly railway transport. In terms of energy efficiency, CEEK’s plans are to reduce the sector's energy consumption by 1.2 TWh by 2030 and reduce CO2 emissions by 1 million tonnes by then. To this end, the Centre promotes the development of recuperation technologies, eco-driving and the use of RES plants on railway premises and facilities. Since 2019, CEEK has also been implementing the Green Railway Programme, which assumes that in 2030 2.5 TWh (85% of traction energy used by railway sector) will come from RES, which will translate into a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 8 million tonnes. PKP Energetyka acts as the integrator of this programme.

Last modified: 11/17/2021