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Solar energy for LTE Polska

Taking the climate goals to be achieved by the European Union into account, LTE Polska has signed a letter of intent regarding photovoltaic installations with PKP Energetyka. Both companies will cooperate in order to create effective and innovative solutions, which will enable the carrier to acquire and use non-traction energy produced from renewable sources.

LTE Polska Sp.z o.o. and her nine sister companies in Europe is probably one of the most modern and innovative rail freight transport companies on the continent. Equipped with a fleet of mostly hybrid and multi-system locomotives, the requirements of the future are already being taken into account. "In the past we emphasized on excellent equipment as well as on a competent team, which resulted in massive competitive advantages since the subsidiary was founded in Poland a few years ago," Arthur Kaldynski, Managing Director of LTE Polska sums up.

Today the company with around 70 employees generates a total market share of 1.5% in Poland transporting mineral oils, agricultural and consumer goods. However, the focus of the activities of the entire LTE-group and thus the Polish subsidiary is dedicated to intermodal. “With a market share in this country of 5% in this sector, we are among the largest,” says Kaldynski, which underlines not only LTE’s economic performance but also their sense of responsibility for the environment and the climate, “because, like me, my colleagues in the LTE-group are always developing ideas and concepts that convince our clientele to recognize the advantages of rail in a transport mix of road and rail and to opt for our solutions. Now we are starting a cooperation with PKP Energetyka in Poland in the field of cutting our carbon footprint”.

Photovoltaic installations will soon power the buildings and facilities of LTE Polska. PKP Energetyka will share its experience in implementing modern technologies ensuring carrier’s access to RSE. “Transport, including railways, faces the enormous task of reducing its CO2 emissions. LTE Polska is another rail freight carrier active on the Polish market that has decided to cooperate with us in order to develop and implement innovative methods of supplying its infrastructure with energy from renewable sources. PKP Energetyka guarantees the achievement of this goal. We have unique experience gained during the implementation of similar projects and high technical competences. Reducing CO2 emissions and increasing the use of energy from renewable sources is a very important part of our mission, which is to support the development of railways in Poland. Also in such a direction to make it even more environmentally friendly” - emphasizes Leszek Hołda, Member of the Management Board of PKP Energetyka.

Both PKP Energetyka and LTE Polska are also members of the Centre for Railway Energy Efficiency (CEEK), a railway industry initiative working towards more competitive and environmentally friendly railway transport. In terms of energy efficiency, CEEK’s plans are to reduce the sector's energy consumption by 1.2 TWh by 2030 and reduce CO2 emissions by 1 million tonnes by then. To this end, the Centre promotes the development of recuperation technologies, eco-driving and the use of RES plants on railway premises and facilities. Since 2019, CEEK has also been implementing the Green Railway Programme, which assumes that in 2030 2.5 TWh (85% of traction energy used by railway sector) will come from RES, which will translate into a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 8 million tonnes. PKP Energetyka acts as the integrator of the Green Railway Programme.

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Last modified: 8/16/2021