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A new fuel station for the railways. The Fuel Division of PKP Energetyka is expanding its operations.

PKP Energetyka has launched its 19th new railway fuel station in Bydgoszcz and thereby expanded the range of fuel availability for railway uses to include the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province. The company is also working on developing its offer to include hydrogen distribution.

The new fuel station in Bydgoszcz is located at ul. Żeglarska 2, at track number 410 next to the main station. It is the first installation of its kind, with the fuel storage tank housed in an enclosed above-ground container. Previously, underground fuel tanks were used at similar fuel stations. Such a solution significantly reduces the time for building new infrastructure for refueling rail vehicles. The company also intends to use this technology for its other planned investments including a fuel station at Wrocław Main Station and near Rzeszów.

“We are consistently expanding our business of selling fuel to railway undertakings. We offer our contractors the highest quality service by providing unrestricted yet safe access to fuel. At the same time, reflecting the industry's interest in hydrogen technology, we are ready to provide refueling capabilities for this ‘fuel of the future’ as well. We have developed a project to implement a complete hydrogen fuel supply chain for the railways. We assume that hydrogen fuel distribution to be a new, forward-looking area of the company's operations, in line with our mission to support the development of Poland’s railways," said Maciej Kiersnowski, Director of the Fuel Division of PKP Energetyka.

PKP Energetyka operates a network of 19 licensed self-service railway fuel stations across Poland. They are tailored to the needs of both freight and passenger railway undertakings. Rail vehicles can be refueled using special fleet cards held by engine drivers. Railway fuel stations are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All transactions are automatically recorded and settled through a dedicated real-time system.

All of PKP Energetyka's railway fuel stations are licensed. Fuel deliveries to PKP Energetyka stations are covered by SENT monitoring and registered on the PUESC platform. The company uses domestic suppliers that have many years of experience in liquid fuel trading.

The detailed scope of access and use of the facilities is governed by the “Regulations for Access to Service Infrastructure Facilities – Railway Fuel Stations of PKP Energetyka S.A.” available on our website

Last modified: 9/8/2022