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Already more than 3,000 beneficiaries of the PKP Energetyka Foundation

The “Dobra Energia” Foundation, established by PKP Energetyka, has been operating for almost two years. During this time, the Foundation has already completed several major initiatives, including: donating computer equipment needed for remote learning to children and youth during the coronavirus pandemic, launching programs to support refugees from Ukraine, funding life-saving equipment to local communities as part of a civil rescue system, and undertaking education and environmental protection activities. The initiatives undertaken have already helped support more than 3,000 beneficiaries. Employees of PKP Energetyka are actively involved in the Foundation's activities.

The “Dobra Energia” Foundation was established in November 2020 and the impetus for its establishment was the desire to support children and youth in remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the subsequent months of its operation, the Foundation has expanded its activities to include more actions, related to counteracting the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and recently its activities have focused on helping refugees from Ukraine.

The main goals of the Foundation are to counteract digital exclusion of children and youth, to support the implementation of innovative ideas in local communities by employees, and to co-finance initiatives in the field of ecology and environmental protection. The first donors to the Foundation were representatives of the CVC Fund and the Fund itself, who together donated more than PLN 1.5 million for its statutory purposes. Employees of PKP Energetyka also supported the activities with individual contributions. In almost 2 years of operation, the Foundation has helped more than 3,000 people – we have donated 500 computers for employees' children, supported almost 300 refugees from Ukraine by ensuring that they have appropriate conditions to live in Poland, trained about 350 people in first aid and installed AED kits in smaller towns. We have also donated a QBOT 2e mobile robot to Gdańsk University of Technology, as well as computer equipment to 5 technical schools, which can be used by about 1,000 students on a daily basis. We have organized online classes with our staff and experts for nearly 700 children in schools across the country.

“The Foundation's activities are, on one hand, spontaneous actions in response to emerging challenges, such as the coronavirus pandemic or the war in Ukraine, and on the other hand, they are projects that are part of the implementation of the Sustainable Development Strategy adopted by PKP Energetyka.The employees of PKP Energetyka play a huge role in the Foundation as they inform us about the current needs in order to best reach out to help, but first of all, they actively join in the activities undertaken. By working together as volunteers, we were able to do so much good for so many beneficiaries. The feedback we receive confirms that our initiatives are needed and useful,” says Beata Górniak, president of the Foundation and member of the PKP Energetyka Management Board, who coordinates the area of sustainable development and responsible business at the PKP Energetyka Capital Group.

Counteracting digital exclusion of children and youth

The first initiative carried out by the Foundation was the donation of half a thousand new computers with Internet access to children of the neediest families of PKP Energetyka employees across Poland. This action was a quick and precise response to the needs of those whose children did not have the IT equipment necessary to continue their learning remotely during the pandemic. The equipment worth nearly PLN 1.5 million in total was donated. Another initiative in this area undertaken in 2021 was the donation of computer equipment for IT labs to 5 high schools in Lublin, Teresin, Rybnik, Krzyż Wielkopolski and Bydgoszcz. The value of the support is more than PLN 50,000.

The Gdańsk University of Technology, meanwhile, received the QBOT 2e mobile robot, which can be used to help teach programming in the MatLab environment. The donated equipment helps students deepen their knowledge of spatial data analysis, scanning, as well as data and command processing. The equipment, worth nearly PLN 30,000, is to support the university's research and development activities. The Foundation's activities also included a series of online educational classes for students at partner schools. The employees of PKP Energetyka and external trainers shared their knowledge and experience. Nearly 700 young people took part in the 20 meetings.

Aid for refugees from Ukraine

In March 2022 the “Dobra Energia” Foundation launched a series of activities to support the people of Ukraine – among them were the projects “Together we support War Refugees from Ukraine!” and “We support a good start for War Refugees from Ukraine”. Their aim is to help those coming from war-stricken Ukraine.

As part of the first project, financial support was provided to those employees and their families who took refugees under their roof. About 100 people, mostly employees of PKP Energetyka, decided to shelter nearly 300 refugees. During the program which lasted until June 30 this year, the Foundation donated nearly PLN 1 million to help refugees.

The aim of the second program is to help refugees ease their start in Poland. The Foundation's activities focus on finding an apartment to rent and supporting the payment of the rent for one year. A database of apartments reported by employees who would like to make them available to refugees for a fee as part of the project was also created. In addition, the employees of PKP Energetyka supported the Foundation's activities by making donations for statutory purposes. As a follow-up to these activities, 25 children from Ukraine received school supplies to mark the start of school in the new school year. In total, the Foundation plans to allocate PLN 2 million for the program to help refugees from Ukraine.

Activities in support of local communities and nature conservation

In June this year, the PKP Energetyka Foundation launched the “Energy for the heart” project in support of the development of the civil rescue system. It is aimed at local communities in towns with up to 10,000 residents who have reported a need for public access to a defibrillator and also for first aid knowledge. A community recommended by an employee of PKP Energetyka could participate in the project. The result of the campaign, which will last until the end of 2022, will be the installation of AED kits in 14 locations in Poland and the training of more than 350 people in first aid. Municipalities, volunteer fire departments, community cultural centers, as well as schools and libraries signed up for the program. Thanks to the Foundation's activity, more than 30,000 residents of small towns and villages will have access to life-saving kits.

The Foundation also supports environmental initiatives such as “Clean up the world – Poland”. In May this year, the employees of PKP Energetyka engaged in cleaning up the Młochowski and Żakowicki forests where nearly 1,000 kg of garbage was collected in a few hours.

Counteracting exclusions of various kinds is one of the most important tasks facing responsible business today. I am glad that such goals have been pursued by PKP Energetyka for almost two years through its Foundation. Particularly since the actions taken are a part of the company's strategy and long-term CSR and sustainability policies. The formula of involving employees in the implementation of projects makes the Foundation better able to understand, so it responds more adequately to the challenges of each of the three ESG areas,” said Marzena Strzelczak, President of the Management Board and General Director of the Responsible Business Forum.

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Last modified: 10/11/2022