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Introduction of a new format for the codes of Power Delivery Points (PDPs)

We would like to inform you that we have started the process of introducing a new format for the codes of Power Delivery Points (PDPs).

What is a PDP and a PDP code?

A PDP, or a Power Delivery Point, is a place (point in the grid) where the meters measure the electricity consumed. The place is marked with a unique code. If there are multiple metering devices at one address, they are separate Power Delivery Points.

You will find the code of the Power Delivery Point on each invoice. Among other things, it is necessary for changing the electricity supplier.


What is the reason for the change in the format for the codes of Power Delivery Points (PDPs)?

The change in the code format is related to the planned standardisation of information exchange and the implementation of the Central Energy Market Information System (CSIRE) in Poland. Information on this is contained in the Energy Law of April 10, 1997 and in section A.5.16. of the Instructions for Distribution Network Operation and Maintenance (hereinafter referred to as “IRiESD”), which are available


The new format for the PDP code and the rules for its assignment and renumbering are specified in IRiESD – sections A.5.16. to A.5.21. The format for the new PDP code will follow the GS1/GSRN international standard and look like this: (590)(5088)(S1.........S10)(K)



  • 590 – the prefix of the Polish GS1 organisation,
  • 5088 – PKP Energetyka S.A. number assigned by the Polish GS1 organisation,
  • S1–S10 – the unique identifier assigned by the company for a given PDP,
  • K – the check digit determined in accordance with the algorithm published by the GS1 organisation.


When will the change in PDPs come into effect?

The code format change will take place no earlier than March 20, 2023. As of that date, we will use only the new PDP codes in our communications with customers, including cases that have been initiated and not completed before the effective date of the new PDP code format.


The process of introducing the new PDP code format (renumbering) does not entail any legal consequences. In particular, it does not require an annex to the contract.

After the change, the new code will be shown on the invoice in the same field as the previous PDP code.

Last modified: 9/8/2022